foto: Dženat Dreković

Zanin Berbić

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Atelje Figure, Danijela Ozme 12

12. november 2022. 18:00


Zanin is a unique phenomenon and a shining star in the musical sky of Bosnia and Herzegovina. A superb interpreter of sevdalinka with a saz, which he sings and plays with a great knowledge of tradition, typical repertoire as well as practically all performances of the great masters of sevdalinka. He is equally authentic as a violinist, and skillfully plays way too many other instruments to list them here. Zanin Berbić is also an ethnomusicologist, dedicated researcher of the BiH musical heritage, a passionate listener of great masters such as Himzo Polovina, whose opus was the subject of his master’s degree. At this concert, the Jazz Fest Sarajevo will present Zanin as a saz player and singer. Genre: hard core sevdah.

  • Zanin Berbić – vocal, saz

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