Jazz Fest Sarajevo is organising 25th edition of international music festival and we need your support. If you love music, believe in the values we promote and you want to support our work, you can make your donation now, directly through the PikPay system.

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Jazz Fest Sarajevo is the oldest international music festival and one of the most important cultural events in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over the past 20+ years, Jazz Fest has presented 900+ artists from 65 countries on 500+ concerts, 120 local musicians in over 100 concerts, organised over 200+ workshops, exhibitions, master classes, talks, lectures.

We have brought to Bosnia and Herzegovina great and significant artists, many Grammy Award winners, presented European and World premieres, and in only five years time our Music Meeting became the most significant regional program when it comes to informal education of young musicians.

Every year Jazz Fest Sarajevo becomes more and more influential, and every year in the first week of November, we send from Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina the most beautiful picture of this wonderful country. This image delights both the professionals and the audience coming to the festival from different cities and different countries.

The festival needs your help to organise 25th edition of the festival that has never been associated with any political, ethnic or national party, the festival that best represents Bosnia and Herzegovina in its diversity, and promotes the best of society’s values and which every year makes BiH an impressive European point of culture that it should always be if the country was led by the responsible politicians.

We at Jazz Fest Sarajevo believe that the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina deserve an international music festival that we will be proud of and that will make us proud as citizens of this country.

If you are not able to give a donation, it’s enough that you are part of our audience.


If you want to donate but do not want to use the online payment, you can make a payment to our bank account 1610000021700075 or contact us via e-mail [email protected] or phone 033 550 480.