Foreword on XX1st Jazz Fest Sarajevo

Dear Audience,

This festival was born from the desire to celebrate the freedom that we received after the war and the siege. We have perceived “jazz” primarily as an expression of freedom, and then, possibly, as a musical genre. It has always been less important for us how some music is classified or what names someone gives to music – it was only important for us that music is music – music as a universal language that leaves no room for misunderstanding.

There is less and less freedom in the society, therefore there are fewer reasons for festival celebrations. This year, for all those who think of music in terms of genres, the festival program is the biggest puzzle ever because, speaking in terms of genres, we will present the widest range of music so far, from contemporary “classical” music to “metal”, including many possible forms of music between these two extremes.

If you wish to enjoy this year’s music odyssey, come with an open heart and experience something that you have never experienced before in this country and in the city of Sarajevo, and that you might not have the chance to experience again. Come unprepared and open, and don’t expect anything, so you could get everything or at least enough to return to a surreal everyday life.

Welcome to XX1st International Music Festival 2017!

Edin Zubčević

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