Carnegie Hall cheaper than the Vijećnica City Hall in Sarajevo

Announcement for the audience

This year, Jazz Fest Sarajevo concerts will not be organized in the Vijećnica City Hall, as the company managing this facility has submitted their offers for renting space for two concerts in the amount of almost 10.000 KM.

For the concerts on the 1st and 2nd of November in the auditorium of the Vijećnica City Hall, Public Institution Sarajevo is requesting a total of 9.344 KM just for renting space, chairs and stage only, which amounts to 27 KM i.e. 31 KM per seat, having in mind the limited capacity of the auditorium which allows 140 or 180 spectators per concert, depending on the stage setting.

This amount does not include other costs of production such as rental of sound and light equipment, security and other necessities to be provided for a concert in the Vijećnica City Hall, excluding also the costs of musicians’ fees, international transportation, accommodation costs and other organizational costs.

For comparison, one of the most prestigious halls in the world, the New York Carnegie Hall charges for renting the Weill Hall, with capacity of 268 seats, $ 1,750, which amounts to 11 KM per seat. Of course, this hall is technically fully equipped, and the price includes all the necessary infrastructure and staff, including a box office service up to 90 days.

Last year the City Council, after a few years without any support, allowed Jazz Fest to use the Vijećnica City Hall free of charge for organizing concerts, and Jazz Fest organized four concerts – two duets – Miroslav Tadić and Merima Ključo, and Tijana Vignjević and Belma Alić at the Ceremonial hall and solo concerts of Matija Dedić and Nitai Hershkovits in the auditorium.

This last concert was broadcasted on TV Mezzo and the audience of 28 million subscribers of Mezzo and Mezzo HD Live channels in 60 countries worldwide could watch it 17 times in May and June this year, which is an exceptional international promotion for the City of Sarajevo and Vijećnica City Hall among others.

The new city administration does not support the international music festival Jazz Fest Sarajevo, which was declared an event of special importance for the city of Sarajevo, and the company founded by the City Administration for the management of the City Hall could not, as explained by PI Sarajevo, offer a lower price for the two mentioned concerts because it already includes a 30% discount. We have been informed from the City Administration that the Mayor and the City Administration cannot influence the City Hall rental price.

Jazz Fest Sarajevo will organize two concerts in other locations instead of the City Hall venue. Otherwise, XX1st  International Music Festival Jazz Fest Sarajevo will be held from October 31st to November 5th at six different locations. The complete program can be found on the website and online ticket sale is available at early bird prices.

Listen and watch a part of the footage of Nitai Hershkovits’ last year Jazz Fest concert at the City Hall.

Photo by Vanja Ćerimagić (Jazz Fest Sarajevo 2016)

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