Jazz Fest concerts for millions of viewers

05. May, 2017

The concerts of XX Jazz Fest Sarajevo 2016 will be broadcasted in May and June in total of 48 times in the programs of the Mezzo TV, the most important world TV station when it comes to classical music, jazz and dance.

Mezzo and Mezzo live HD channels have more than 28 million subscribers in 60 countries and the concerts from Sarajevo will be premiered on Saturday, May 6th.

Concert of the pianist Nitai Hershkovits is at 12:49 on the Mezzo live HD channel, the concert by ensemble of Norwegian pianist Bugge Wesseltoft New Conception of Jazz, which opened the 20th edition of the Jazz Fest Sarajevo, will be broadcast the same day at 13:46, while Taksim Trio’s concert will start at 14:58. You can find the other scheduled broadcasting of the concerts in this and the following month here.

The inclusion of concerts of the oldest and most significant music festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Jazz Festival Sarajevo in the program of this important TV channel, is repeated international confirmation of the significance of the Sarajevo jazz festival and the quality of its program, as well as the high production standards of Jazz Fest Sarajevo that the festival maintaining for almost two decades.

Mezzo will broadcast three more concerts of XX Jazz Fest Sarajevo: trio Tatran, Marc Ducret and Samuel Blaser Trio. In the previous years, the audience of the Mezzo and Mezzo live HD could also watch recordings from the international music festival Jazz Fest Sarajevo, such as the concerts of John Scofield Uberjam Band, Eivind Aarset Quartet or David Gilmore Trio Art of Ascension.

Photo: Ismail Tuncbilek, Taksim Trio (photo by: Vanja Čerimagić)