Jojo Mayer: New album and new recognition

Nerve, the ensemble of the popular Swiss drummer Jojo Mayer, has released a new album called Nerve.

The backbone of this trio, which was featured at the 13th Jazz Festival in 2009, consists of Mayer and bassist John Davis, and a new member of the band from recently, Jacob Bergson, while associate member Aaron Nevezie is in charge of “real time sound deconstruction”.

As a co-leader of Nerve, Mayer has become one of the leading instrumentalists and innovators who has a number of honors thanks to the concept and technique he has developed during his career. Mayer for his music says: “Nerve sounds like electronic music, but it is not. It does not sound like jazz and rock, and it is. “

Modern Drummer Magazine put Jojo Mayer in 2014 among the 50 greatest drummers of all time and few days ago he was named the best fusion drummer by the opinion of readers of the mentioned magazine. Mayer also won the award for drummers and percussionists, given by the renowned magazine, last year in two categories.

At Jazz Fest Sarajevo, Jojo Mayer also performed at Jazz Fest Sarajevo in 2008 with the trio Depart, consisting of saxophone player Harry Sokal and bass player Heiri Kanzig.

You can listen and buy a new album here.

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