Zorn in Hamburg and Paris

Last night at Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg’s newly opened concert space worth 798 million Euros, John Zorn has held The Bagatelles Marathon which had its European premiere at last year’s, 20th Jazz Fest Sarajevo.

John Zorn will be playing with his small army of musicians in the next three days conquering Paris once again. The program “Zorn by Zorn Weekend” will consist of more than 20 ensembles, starting tonight with a midnight solo concert by John Zorn on organ, The Hermetic Organ at the big hall of Philharmonie de Paris. The organ at Paris philharmonic is a special instrument and one of most ambitious contemporary craft instruments with more than 7.000 pipes!

Philharmonie de Paris was opened in 2015, the building which cost 386 million Euros houses the big, Pierre Boulez concert hall with 2.400 seats, where John Zorn will be performing solo tonight and holding The Bagatelles Marathon on Sunday.

Programs will also be held at Cite de la musique and the Louvre museum. At Cite de la musique, chamber music pieces from Zorn’s repertoire will be performed under the name The Interpretation of Dreams, while at Louvre John Zorn and Dave Lombardo will play an improvised duet, opening a special program of seven bands who will be playing at three musical routes which will be organised in different wings of the world’s best known museum.

Zorn’s first visit to Europe this year will begin and end with The Bagatelles Marathon whose premiere we watched in Sarajevo.

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