Vloeimans: Picking up an important award after the Sarajevo concert

When he performed at Jazz Fest eight years ago, at Pozorište mladih with his ensemble Gatecrash, Eric Vloeimans filled the concert hall with authentic magic and happiness. On 05 November he is coming back to Jazz Fest, to the same concert hall, where he will perform with his trio Oliver’s Cinema.

Eric Vloeimans paired his trumpet with the accordion of Tuura Florizoon and the cello of Jörg Brinkmann. The Jazz Fest audience will be presented with a repertoire which, as he himself said it, shows the listener stunning musical combinations of three instruments, which can rarely be seen on stage in a trio, while making exceptional music and creating a unique atmosphere.

On the day after his Sarajevo concert, Vloeimans will be receiving an award from the Prince Bernhard Foundation, which is one of many accolades the Dutch artist has earned in his career. This award is being given to him because “his understanding of music knows no boundaries and genres, without ever compromising his identity throughout his many collaborations.”

The concert of Eric Vloeimans’ Oliver’s Cinema will take place at 19.30 at Pozorište mladih, with an another concert taking place at the same venue at 18.00, the one of a trio of top artists, cellist Vincent Courtois, bassist John Greaves and drummer Mark Nauseef. One ticket is valid for both concerts and costs 24 KM in presale period, meaning that the average ticket price per concert is 12 KM.

You can buy tickets at this link or at the Jazz Fest office at La Benevolencija 14, from 12.00 to 20.00 and from Monday on, tickets will be sold at Bosanski kulturni centar as well.

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