Jason Moran celebrates the work of Fats Waller

Fats Waller was an American pianist, composer, singer and entertainer whose innovations are enwrought in the foundation of not only jazz but popular music in general, to whom Jason Moran gives homage with his current project Fats Waller Dance Party, that he is going to present at the 19th Jazz Fest Sarajevo.

The project was founded four yeas ago, in 2014 it earned a nomination for the Grammy Award in the category Best Instrumental Jazz Album. It’s author is a creative musician who also composed pieces for film and theater, whose concept pays respects to tradition, giving it at the same time contemporary expression. Moran combines  different musical styles and creates exciting music with elements of classic and blues but also funk, hip-hop and rock music.

He appeared on the scene towards the end of the 90’s as a member of Greg Osby‘s quartet, followed by a stellar rise. International acclaim came at the time when he led the trio Bandwagon. Rolling Stone magazine named him the most provocative thinker of contemporary jazz.

Jason Moran received numerous awards, among others the prestigious Genius Grant by the MacArthur Foundation for exceptional work which includes a 5 year financial support of up to 500.000 American Dollars. This multi talented musician is an active conceptual artist as well. His work Staged was presented at this year’s Venice Biennale.

Jason Moran Fats Waller Dance Party is going to perform at Jazz Fest Sarajevo on 04 November at the Bosnian Cultural Center. Tickets will be available next week.

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