Queen Latifah plays Bessie Smith

At mid May TV network HBO will premier the movie Bessie, a bio motion picture about the life of American music icon Bessie Smith, one of most successful vocalists of the 1920’s who died an a car accident at age 43.

The part of Bessie Smith is played by singer and Grammy award winner Queen Latifah who was offered this part for the first time 20 years ago. “When the project came my way, I don’t think I had the life journey that went along with it. I got to live more of the blues”,  said Queen Latifah who also recorded most of the soundtrack for the movie.

Director Dee Rees focused the plot on Bessie Smith’s career beginnings and her escaping her turbulent personal life to become one of the most successful Columbia Records artists, the label she recorded more then 160 songs for during the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Bessie collaborated with big names of that time like Louis ArmstrongFletcher  Henderson and Coleman Hawkins and became an important inspiration to generations of musicians. Even the famous Billie Holiday often named her as an influence.

Watch the trailer for the movie Bessie:

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