Jazz Fest concerts on Mezzo TV

World’s most important TV station for classic music and jazz, the French channel Mezzo is partner of this year’s, 17th Jazz Fest Sarajevo 2013.

Mezzo will exclusively record Jazz Fest concerts and broadcast them through Mezzo Live HD to 18 million homes throughout 44 world countries.

“We’re flattered by this collaboration and very happy that our concerts and the festival is going to get global publicity in a best possible way. Sarajevo’s concerts will be literally seen by the whole world in a program with the highest professional standards. Top performers and high quality production have always been our absolute priority, the fact that Mezzo is going to record Jazz Fest’s concerts speaks for itself”, stated Edin Zubčević, founder and director of the international music festival Jazz Fest Sarajevo.

Within it’s two television channels Mezzo is dedicated to presenting artists who perform at world’s most important festivals and concert halls. The collaboration with the Jazz Fest is one more international acknowledgement of the quality of Sarajevo’s festival and the best promotion of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the world of high culture.

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