Marc Ducret ispired by a Vladimir Nabokov novel

French guitarist Marc Ducret has released a series of albums named Tower in the past three years and caught attention with his last year’s 12-man ensemble Tower Bridge tour.

He found inspiration in Vladimir Nabokov‘s 1969 novel Ada. The structure Nabokov used in his book, a labyrinth made of mirrors, back and forth moves, and connections was the principle Ducret followed in the process of creating the Tower tetralogy.

Tower Vol.1 was recorded with a quintet, Tower Vol.2 with a quartet, Tower Vol. 3 with a sextet while Tower Vol. 4 is a solo release recorded on various acoustic guitars. All albums were recorded for and released by the record label Ayler Records between 2010 and 2013.

Watch a video of Ducret’s quintet consisting of trumpeter Kasper Tranberg, trombonist Matthias Mahler, bass saxophonist Fred Gastard, drummer Peter Bruun and Ducret on electric guitar. The video was shot in Tours, France in 2010 when at a performance of Tower Vol. 1.

Bosnian and Herzegovinian audience will have the opportunity to listen to Marc Ducret’s trio on 09 November at the 17th Jazz Fest Sarajevo when the guitarist with a very distinctive style is going to perform with double bassist Bruno Chevillon and drummer Eric Echampard. The tickets for a pre-sale prize of 12 KM can be booked here.

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