12 David Krakauer performances at The Stone

American clarinetist David Krakauer, founder and member of the ensemble Abraham Inc. who will open this year’s Jazz Fest, will be playing tonight, second night in a row, at New York’s club The Stone of owner and artistic director, the famous composer and multi-instrumentalist John Zorn.

Krakauer is artist in residence from 24 until 29 September at Zorn’s club where he will present two concerts each night during six nights introducing different projects: Krakauer’s Acoustic Klezmer Quartet, Krakauer Plays Zorn, Ancestral Groove, Krakauer – Tagg Duo, Duo & Trio Improvisations and  Krakauer with Strings.

“It will be a unique opportunity for me to offer a retrospective of many of my major projects that range from improvisation-drenched klezmer to experimental classical to much that falls in between the cracks”, said Krakauer while introducing the performances. .

During three nights he will be joined on stage at The Stone by bassist Jerome Harris, who will also perform at this year’s Jazz Fest as a member of American drummer’s Jack DeJohnette Group that will perform on 07 November at Bosanski kulturni centar, while we will have the chance to watch Krakauer with his colleagues from the ensemble Abraham Inc. on that same stage on the first festival night – 05 November.

Krakauer is an internationally acclaimed artist whose concerts, as the New York Times wrote, are “emotional and electrifying”. Tonight he will play at The Stone with guitarist Sheryl Bailey, bassist Jerome Harris, drummer Michael Sarin and Keeplive on the sampler where they are going to perform compositions chosen by John Zorn from his collection The Book of Angels.

Listen to the composition Tandal played by David Krakauer and John Zorn.

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