Jazz for babies and little people

Jazz For Babies is the name of a series of jazz albums for unborn babies and ‘little people’. The project is a work of double bassist Michael Janisch who got the idea after he received the news that he were to become a father for the first time.

The search for suitable music, for his back then unborn child, turned out to be more difficult then he could guess so he decided to rearrange well known compositions, what resulted in calm and soothing instrumental lullabies made in classic jazz manner.

Research has shown that introducing unborn children to music can result in a calm and serene babies and influence the development of their creativity and individuality. It has been proved that they develop preferences for some compositions while in utero and that they recognize them after birth because they help calm and sooth them.

The Jazz For Babies series consists of five albums: The Saxophone Album, The Trumpet Album, The Guitar Album, The Vibraphone Album and The Piano Album. Beside bassist Janisch following musicians collaborated on the albums: pianist Steve Hamilton, vibraphonist Jim Hart, trumpeter Jay Phelps, saxophonist Paul Booth and guitarist Phil Robson.

Some of the compositions you can listen here.

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