George Benson tribute to Nat King Cole

American guitarist and vocalist George Benson is recording an album dedicated to the great artist Nat King Cole.

“I’ve had the idea to record an album featuring the music of Nat King Cole for quite some time now. Thanks to my long history with Concord Records, together we arranged an amazing 42 piece orchestra to make a record I’m really passionate about”, George Benson wrote on his web site.

This musician who won ten Grammy awards in his career so far, is planing to initiate the project in collaboration with the platform PledgeMusic, which is helping musicians to collect financial support.

“I’m recording a new Nat King Cole tribute album with an orchestra and would love for you to be a part of it!”, wrote Benson and invited fans of his and Nat King Cole’s music to support the project with donations between 10 and 10.000 USD. The fundraising ends half of February.

Listen to Benson’s interpretation of Smile, composed by Charlie Chaplin, while John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons wrote the lyrics almost 20 years later. The song premiered in 1954 sung by Nat King Cole, and George Benson included it the repertoire of his concert held three years ago at the North Sea Jazz Festival.

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