Stephan Micus: Panagia

German composer and multi-instrumentalist Stephan Micus is going to release a new album this month for the record label ECM.

The album called Panagia will be Micus’ 20th record for this prestigious label, it’s release will coincide with the 60th birthday of the respected artist.

In Greek language the word Panagia stands for Virgin Mary who is on this album a synonym for female energy. “For all the Greeks I know, even the most radical, it is unthinkable not to respect the Panagia,” says Micus and adds, “The prayers are to the Virgin Mary, even though this album is not only Christian and dedicated to the Virgin Mary, but to the female energy that is everywhere in the world. In modern times the male energy became predominant,  but in ancient times the gods were prominently female. In the last 2000 years, the monotheistic religions have over-emphasized the male aspect. I see this album as a small contribution to changing that status quo“.

For almost four decades Stephan Micus has been studying different cultures and traditions, and the  music  that emerged from them. Since 1977 he has introduced numerous uncommon instruments on his albums like the duduk, shakuhachi, Tibetan gongs or unexpected instruments like flowerpots or stone sculptures, he has used on his 1989 album The Music of Stones.

Listen to the composition Midnight Sea from his 2008 album Snow.

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