Mini interview: Erika Stucky

Smart, amusing and tremendously funny. Swiss artist Erika Stucky is one of the most interesting voices of the international scene today.

Her charisma is stated through personal lyrics and vivid sound. She really yodels, like from the high Swiss Alps, and imitates the trombone, wind, crying children and a smokey blues voice along the way. While she sings, with sounds and words, she plays the accordion and talks about herself and the world through her extravagant appearance.

Erika is a player and composer who doesn’t leave anybody untouched. Her music is clear from stereotypes in a way which makes it truly refreshing.

She released five albums and her live performances bring interesting covers of famous compositions by Annie Lennox, Britney Spears or Eminem. The choice of her songs already speaks about what Erika is ready to put herself through in order to create something truly spectacular.

She is going to present her project Suicidal Yodels at the 16th Jazz Fest. She will perform on 3 November at 6 PM at the Youth Theater. We are bringing you a short interview with this artist to introduce her concert.

Is it possible to yodel in the studio?
It’s possible, but somehow, the smell of cows makes it easier to yelp and shout, then the smell of plastic or “spitty” microphones!

You participated in the project Rain Dogs Revisited which honored the ontological Tom Wait’s 1985 album Rain Dogs. Can you relate to the work of Tom Waits?
Totally! He feels like a musical uncle… I must say, I don’t know one jazz or rock musician, who isn’t influenced by Mr. Waits work.

You sing in your own unique way the covers of songs by other artists. How do you choose them?
I either hate them or love them. Both seems to work. I just have to be strongly connected or repulsed.

This is going to be your first performance in front of Jazz Fest’s audience. What can we expect?
Oh, I’m not sure yet. I’ll pack some yodels: Swiss yodels, Cowboy yodels, and some wacky movies, the rest will come naturally.

Listen to Erika’s cover of Michael Jackson’s Bad.

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