Joseph Tawadros received award

“After 10 years and 9 nominations, the music industry finally decided to trust an Arab with a sharp object”, said composer and oud player Joseph Tawadros while receiving the ARIA Award in the category Best World Music Album of the year.

ARIA is Australia’s most important discography award established 26 years ago. It has been given for the first time to the Egyptian artist Joseph Tawardos. Tawadros has lived in Australia since he was three.

Tawadros is a true oud virtuoso, the enough reason for collaboration with some of the greatest jazz instrumentalists and composers, such as guitarist John Abercrombie, bassist John Patitucci and drummer Jack DeJohnette, with whom he collaborated on his album The Hour of Separation.

We had the opportunity to see Tawadros twice at the Jazz Fest: last year when he performed in a duo with his brother, percussionist James Tawadros, and the year before when he played an excellent solo concert.

His latest album Concerto of the Greater Sea, which earned him the prestigious award, was released in February last year. Sample one song from the album.

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