Lisbon Jazz Summer School 2012

We are forwarding you the invitation for Lisbon Jazz Summer School.

Conduction Atelier by Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris
July 16-21 | Centro Cultural de Belém | Lisbon

Deadline for applications is the 30th of June.

Why you shouldn’t miss this summer workshop:

– Conduction Atelier is a workshop of arrangement and composition for ensemble in real time, through an approach called Conducted Improvisation/ Interpretation. The workshop takes place between in July 16-21, from 2PM to 6PM in the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB) and it costs 150 EUR.

– The workshop participants will be part of an orchestra of improvisors conducted by Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris. The apprenticeship lies, not only in the experience of improvising within a large ensemble, but also in the chance of learning this “Butch” Morris’ established vocabulary called Conduction.

– Conduction is a vocabulary for the improvising ensemble. The musicians respond to a series of hand gestures that indicate changes in pitch, duration, dynamics, and other basic musical parameters, while always leaving the decision of what to play up to the individual instrumentalists. This vocabulary was developed by Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris during 26 years of practice and research.

– This workshop is directed both to professional musicians and advanced music students and is open to non-jazz musicians interested in exploring new approaches to creating music.

More information:
Phone: +351 967 435 310
Mail: [email protected]

Imagine conducting an orchestra without following any sheet music. It’s an art that Lawrence “Butch” Morris has been working on for 26 years.

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