Celebrating 10 years in UK

American composer, trumpeter and vocalist Abram Wilson celebrates his 10th UK anniversary with the British 20 gig tour presenting the project “Philippa”.

Wilsons current project premiered in April 2011, it will be recorded with the quartet consisting of pianist Reuben James, basist Alex Davis and drummer Dave Hamblett, and released by the end of this year.

The Guardian gave the first “Philippa” concert, held on 4th April, four stars and decribed the performance as “elegant trumpet with blues power and street party swing. His concerts are not just musical performances, they have the character of a true event”.

Wilson lives in London since 2002 where he released three albums so far, Jazz Warrior (2004), Ride! Ferris Wheel to the Modern Day Delta (2006) and Life Paintings (2009). His work was awarded in 2007 with the BBC Jazz Award in the category Best album, and with the British Jazz Award in the same category. Local audience had the chance to see him at two concerts of the 7th Jazz Fest Sarajevo in 2003, where he performed as a member of the Denys Baptiste ensemble and as a special guest of the Soweto Kinch Quartet.

The “Philippa” project is a collection of compositions honoring pianist Phillippa Duke Schyler who cought public attention in America in the 1930s and 1940s. She was born to a black journalist father and a white mother from the south of USA. Philippa became an American role model for many children, she was celebrated for her extraordinary talent, unusual herritage and eccentric upbringing methods which helped developing her genius. She played Mozart by the age of 4, and composed with 9 years.

Her whole life was focused on music, rase issues and her indistinct identity. Philippa left the piano at the age of 30 and became a journalist. She worked as a war reporter and died in a helicopter accident in 1967 saving war orphants in Vietnam.