Cheikh Lô – interview

In your successful career you recorded relatively few albums. How do you see discography today compared with the situation 15 years ago?
I have recorded 5 albums because I think that each album represents a state in life and thus it takes time. The composition and creation of work is delicate. i started composing Jamm  with my bassist in Senegal and then I thought of the concept of the album and the sounds I needed. Jamm means peace, all sounds and acoustics should be directed to that goal. Today, the music industry is so complicated and I prefer to be present during production in order to achieve that “live sound”. Although you have a very authentic musical expression, your music nevertheless changed through time.

Could you describe your art development process? Although the sound change, one thing always remains the same and that is a message of unity and cry for the solidarity of people. My full name is Cheikh Lô N’diguel, N’Diguel means “guided by”. That’s the message I am instructed to give. The message of union and peace.

What are for you the basic and most important ideas of Sufism?
The call to share, merge and accept all the differences, to open the universe in the context of great social change in overall. Sufism invites to share islamic unity from maximum opening to universal acceptance of the multiplicity of divine signs.

You had different breaks in your musical career, and somehow it seems that for you the career is not the most important thing in what we call music business?
For me the most important thing is to remain faithful to my music. By the time you serve the industry, the message is impaired at the end. I need the peace that only my home gives me to find the inspiration to undertake any project.

What can the audience in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina expect from your performance at Jazz Fest?
It will be a concert full of color and rhythm. I will give, as always, a unique concert because the audience is always unique. A great party for the spirits that will live together.

How do you observe the current global situation in the world concerning music, and the political agenda?
The music is constantly changing. The music is a reflection of society and the message that the music needs to have is  to try to correct the mistakes that society makes. When there is a disunity,  I sing for the union. When there is a war, I sing for peace. I think that this should be the mission of the artists. Singing for everyone, all different, but all united.

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