Super Trio’s super music

The American trio symbolically named “Super Trio” will perform on 2nd November, the second day of the 15th Jazz Fest and bring to the audience a performance bursting with energy which is a fusion of jazz, blues and rock elements.

Super Trio consists of the iconic musicians about whom we can talk only in superlatives: guitarist Scott Henderson, bassist Jeff Berlin and drummer Dennis Chambers, the heroes of many young musicians, and their rich careers are the result of exceptional talent.

Scott Henderson is primarily blues, and jazz guitarist exceptionally known for his work with his band Tribal Tech. Thanks to his solo performances, he was once voted the best guitarist by the prestigious magazines Guitar World and Jazz Guitarist.

Another member of the Super Trio is bassist Jeff Berlin who is currently one of the most popular bass guitar players whom legendary Jaco Pastorius considered to be a better bassist than himself.

The third member of the trio is the drummer Dennis Chambers who played the drumms when he was only four years old, and when he was six he played gigs in Baltimore nightclubs. Although not possesing any formal musical training, he played with musicians such as John Scofield, Carlos Santana, Bireli Lagrene and many others.

Super Trio of Henderson, Berlin and Chambers delivers furious tempos and superior technique in music which in excellent way combines different musical styles, creating a new high powered music.

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