Famous TRT to play on JFS

During the first day of 15th Jazz Fest on the scene of BKC after Richard Bona, who will open the festival, we will also get a chance to see The Rosenberg Trio, which has become synonym for jazz manouche or gypsy jazz.

This trio with their artful and inspired interpretations continues the tradition of special jazz techniques with Roma temperament and irresistible swing, that was founded by the famous Django Reinhardt.

Trio is led by virtuoso guitarist Stochelo Rosenberg who began to play rather “late” when compared to other members of the family – he was 10 yrs old, and today because of his virtuoso solo parts, impeccable precision and pure beauty, he is rightly considered to be Reindhart’s successor. Nonnie Rosenberg in this sort of family project is in charge of the bass, which gives the irresistible groove to this trio. Together with rhythm guitarist, with his brother Nous’che make impeccable rhythm section that is the foundation of Rosenberg’s music concept.

Stochelo, Nonnie and Nous’che like their idol Reinhardt, do not know the formal note text – never learned to read or write notes. Their art is the result of innate talent and a kind of interpretive ingenuity that they carry in their tradition in which music is an integral part of life and the way of artistic expression. Their concerts evoke enthusiasm and applause from the audience, no matter in what part of the world they perform.

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