Mark Eliyahu

Israel Museum

21. november 2020.

  • Mark Eliyahu – kamancheh, baglama, vocal
  • Haim Weiss – el. piano

Born in Dagestan, in the Caucasus Mountains, Eliyahu has gained an international reputation with fascinating and exciting compositions, creating his expression based on the fusion of traditional instrument sound in a contemporary context, as well as charismatic performances that delight audiences around the world.

The premiere recorded in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem can be viewed free of charge on our Facebook page (at 21.40) and YouTube channel (at 21.45), at the link below.

Mark Eliyahu website
Mark Eliyahu facebook page

Jazz Fest Sarajevo

on site audio
Omar Dewachi

mix and mastering
Tim Cramer

Adrien H. Tillmann

Edin Zubčević