foto: Primož Korošec

Keynote Walk with Haris Pašović

Bosnia and Herzegovina

4. june 2022.

Haris Pašović has been one of the leading theatre directors in South East Europe for more than three decades. He has directed a number of plays and participated in many of festivals worldwide.

His productions of Frank Wedekind’s “Spring’s Awakening” has been considered a landmark in the theatre of the former Yugoslavia. During the Siege of Sarajevo he produced a legendary “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett directed by Susan Sontag and he established the Sarajevo Film Festival. His visual artwork “Sarajevo Red Line”, an 825 m long installation in the centre of Sarajevo made the headlines around the world in 2012.

He’s directed some massive spectacles like “Romeo and Juliet” (Sarajevo) and “Conquest of Happiness” (Derry/Londonderry). He is a founder and director of independent theatre production East West Center Sarajevo.

A walk with Haris Pašović is a unique journey through the history of the city and its most remarkable events – from the Sarajevo assassination to the Siege of Sarajevo.