foto: Primož Korošec

Keynote Walk with Haris Pašović

Bosnia and Herzegovina

4. june 2022. 11:00

Haris Pašović has been one of the leading theatre directors in South East Europe for more than three decades. He has directed a number of plays and participated in many of festivals worldwide.

His productions of Frank Wedekind’s “Spring’s Awakening” has been considered a landmark in the theatre of the former Yugoslavia. During the Siege of Sarajevo he produced a legendary “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett directed by Susan Sontag and he established the Sarajevo Film Festival. His visual artwork “Sarajevo Red Line”, an 825 m long installation in the centre of Sarajevo made the headlines around the world in 2012.

He’s directed some massive spectacles like “Romeo and Juliet” (Sarajevo) and “Conquest of Happiness” (Derry/Londonderry). He is a founder and director of independent theatre production East West Center Sarajevo.

A walk with Haris Pašović is a unique journey through the history of the city and its most remarkable events – from the Sarajevo assassination to the Siege of Sarajevo.

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