Emile Parisien & Théo Ceccaldi

ticket prices: 20, 25 KM Emile Parisien – soprano saxophone   Théo Ceccaldi – violin The world premiere of a concert featuring two French virtuosos that will open Jazz Fest Sarajevo 2023. The two are important voices of the new European music scene and they have garnered attention from audiences and critics as leaders of different … Continued

An Evening with Damir Imamović

ticket prices: 25, 30 KM Damir Imamović – vocal, tambur Derya Türkan – kemenche Žiga Golob – double bass Ivana Đurić – violin Ivan Mihajlović – bass Nenad Kovačić – percussions Sofia Labropoulou – qanun The concert promotion of “The World and All That It Holds” which was published for the Smithsonian Folkways. Damir will … Continued

Ivana Đurić & Zanin Berbić

ticket price: 20 KM Ivana Đurić – violin Zanin Berbić – vocal, violin The excellent violinists will perform for the first time onstage together with their joint repertoire of sevdalinkas. At their premiere performance they will present classic Bosnian songs in a unique arrangement for two violins and vocals.