ticket prices: 30, 35 KM Bombino – guitar, vocal  Youba Dia – bass Corey Wilhelm – drums The New York Times awarded the African musical star with the title of “sultan of shred” and nowadays Bombino is recognized as a symbol of a new generation of Tuareg, the new voice of the Sahara and Sahela … Continued

Miron Rafajlović Quartet

ticket price: 20 KM Miron Rafajlović – trumpet, flugelhorn Daniel Garcia Diego – piano, Fender Rhodes Pablo Martin Caminero – double bass Shayan Fathi – drums The trumpeter was born in Sarajevo with a permanent place of residence in Spain. He performed at Jazz Fest as part of various festivals and accompanying programmes and this … Continued

Nitai Hershkovits

ticket price: 20 KM Nitai Hershkovits – piano After his first concert at Jazz Fest Sarajevo with Avishai Cohen Trio in 2014, Nitai Hershkovits held an unforgettable solo concert at the Sarajevo Town Hall (2016). This November, seven years later, he returns to Sarajevo to promote his first album with ECM “Call on the Old … Continued

Théo Ceccaldi „Django“

ticket prices: 20, 25 KM Théo Ceccaldi – violin Guillaume Aknine – guitar Valentin Ceccaldi – cello Violinist Théo Ceccaldi is performing with his trio, Django, playing his own music inspired by Django Reinhardt and is offering new interpretations of the classics from Django’s repertoire. He has already received important accolades for his work such … Continued

Goran Kajfeš Subtropic Arkestra

ticket prices: 25, 30 KM Goran Kajfeš – trumpet Jonas Kullhammar – tenor saxophone, flute Per ”Ruskträsk” Johansson – baritone saxophone, flute Jesper Nordenström – klavijature Reine Fiske – el. guitar Johan Berthling – el. bass Johan Holmegard – drums The Norwegian-Swedish septet of the experienced band leader and author of an authentic manuscript Goran … Continued

Brian Marsella Trio

ticket prices: 20, 25 KM Brian Marsella – piano Trevor Dunn – double bass Kenny Wollesen – drums It is American pianist Brian Marsella’s second year as artist-in-residence of Jazz Fest Sarajevo. Together with his trio, he published his album “Intersection of Dissection” which, prior to the pandemic, had its concert promotion at Jazz Fest … Continued

Emile Parisien & Théo Ceccaldi

ticket prices: 20, 25 KM Emile Parisien – soprano saxophone   Théo Ceccaldi – violin The world premiere of a concert featuring two French virtuosos that will open Jazz Fest Sarajevo 2023. The two are important voices of the new European music scene and they have garnered attention from audiences and critics as leaders of different … Continued

An Evening with Damir Imamović

ticket prices: 25, 30 KM Damir Imamović – vocal, tambur Derya Türkan – kemenche Žiga Golob – double bass Ivana Đurić – violin Ivan Mihajlović – bass Nenad Kovačić – percussions Sofia Labropoulou – qanun The concert promotion of “The World and All That It Holds” which was published for the Smithsonian Folkways. Damir will … Continued

Bushman’s Revenge

ticket price: 20 KM Even Hermansen – guitars Ole Morten – bass Gard Nilssen – drums Bushman’s Revenge, a trio headed by drummer Gard Nilssen, is performing in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the first time. The energetic music that the trio creates is an exceptional musical experience and thus their concerts, similar to the one … Continued

Ivana Đurić & Zanin Berbić

ticket price: 20 KM Ivana Đurić – violin Zanin Berbić – vocal, violin The excellent violinists will perform for the first time onstage together with their joint repertoire of sevdalinkas. At their premiere performance they will present classic Bosnian songs in a unique arrangement for two violins and vocals.  

Hamid Drake & Pasquale Mirra

ticket price: 20 KM Hamid Drake – drums, percussions Pasquale Mirra – vibraphone The two musicians have been playing together for more than two decades and All About Jazz described one of their performances in Rome with the words “pure ecstasy”, “energetic”, “acrobatic” and “an unbelievable duo” which is hard to categorize; it displays so … Continued

Synesthetic 4

ticket price: 20 KM Vincent Pongracz – clarinet Peter Rom – guitar Manu Mayr – bass Andreas Lettner – drums Exciting, witty, attractive, progressive – these are just some of the epithets which describe the Austrian quartet who find inspiration for their music in rap, contemporary classic and neo-dada. They received an award from German … Continued

James Carter Organ Trio

ticket prices: 25, 30 KM James Carter – saxophones Gerard Gibbs – Hammond B3   Alex White – drums “You would need to have a heart of stone or an ear of tin to not be impressed by his sound”, wrote Tony Gieske twenty years ago describing the music of James Carter and comparing his … Continued

Dobrila & Dorian

ticket price: 20 KM Dobrila Grašeska – vocal, loops Dorian Jovanović – oud, loops The premiere performance from the repertoire of the new album Pile šareno. The new sound of Macedonian traditional music with the sophisticated use of electronica. Dobrila & Dorian FB page Dobrila & Dobrian Bandcamp – Apocryph Dobrila & Dobrian Bandcamp – … Continued

Mette Rasmussen Trio North

ticket price: 15 KM One of the leading young women on the world jazz impro scene, the energetic Danish saxophonist is an important representative of the new generation of authors and bandleaders. Exploring the possibilities of her saxophone, she creates music that is razor sharp, unstable and deeply textured. Her current trio North includes an … Continued

Kayhan Kalhor & Erdal Erzincan

ticket price: 25, 30, 35 KM Virtuosity, irresistible and endlessly beautiful melodies that fly in like birds are just a stripped-down sketch of the world that opens its doors to us with the first notes played. Their music is transcendental, a great adventure and an unforgettable musical journey. This Iranian-Kurdish singer and composer popularized Persian … Continued

Arto Lindsay & Melvin Gibbs

ticket price: 20 KM The American composer, singer and self-taught guitarist, winner of the Latin Grammy for the best Brazilian pop album, has been one of the more influential musicians of the New York scene for four decades. In the 1970s, he was a DNA band member, in the 1980s he founded Ambitious Lovers, played … Continued

Sanel Marić Mara

ticket price: 15, 20 KM The repertoire of Sanel Marić Mara’s new album rightly suggests the purity of the musical approach and the mature presentation of his original music. He will share the stage with pianist Dario Lukić, supported by the creative sound of Đani Pervan, and present his songs to the audience in the … Continued

Brian Marsella

ticket price: 20, 25, 30 KM The pianist star, virtuoso and composer is one of the most sought-after musicians in New York in either jazz, world music or avant-garde music genre. Three years ago, he and his trio performed at the Jazz Fest Sarajevo and had an unforgettable concert in the National Theater. In 2017, … Continued

Boško Jović

SOLD OUT Subtle interpretations of sevdalinka, jazz or classical music always end up as the repertoire of a classical guitarist in the most enjoyable sense of the word. Unobtrusively expressive, Boško Jović patiently and successfully creates a musical world of his own, to the satisfaction of his audience. Boško Jović – acoustic guitar Boško Jović … Continued