Third Day of the Festival: Berlin-Jerusalem-Sarajevo

On Saturday, the 21st of November, the 24th edition of the Jazz Fest Sarajevo takes its audience to a musical journey from Berlin, via Jerusalem, to Sarajevo.

The program of the third day of the Festival begins at 9 p.m., with a concert of Banja Luka-born Dejan Terzić, a drummer who will together with a trombonist, Nils Wogram present a repertoire of original compositions by these two artists. The concert was recorded at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, in front of the spectacular Ishtar Gate. This program was realized with the support of the Goethe Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The next concert of the Festival starts at 9.40 pm. It is a Jazz Fest premiere performance of Mark Eliyahu, a Dagestan-born Israeli artist who will perform together with a pianist Haim Weiss. Eliyahu plays the kamancheh and has gained his international reputation by fascinating and exciting compositions and charismatic performances that delight audiences around the world. The concert was recorded in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

The last concert today will be shown at 10.30 p.m., and it is the closing act of this year’s 24th edition of the Sarajevo International Music Festival and also the last of three concerts of the Sevdah From a Distance Festival program dedicated to local musicians and music from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Gradačac-born Zanin Berbić and Foča-born Adis Sirbubalo, will perform together for the first time in a concert recorded in the War Childhood Museum in Sarajevo. Berbić interprets sevdalinka and plays the violin and saz with Sirbubalo on the accordion. The concert of this exciting duo that, from one moment to another, sounds like an orchestra or plays in a perfect unison, will also have its TV premiere tonight on Face TV at 11 p.m.

Concerts can be watched free of charge on the Jazz Fest Sarajevo Facebook page and YouTube channel, including the concerts from the previous two days of the Festival.