John Zorn: 21st century creativity

“As a firm believer in community, it cannot be strongly enough stated that this project could never have been possible without the help, mastery and artistry of ALL the musicians and organizers. The support, generosity and loyalty these wonderful people have shown my work over these many decades of working together feeds my creative imagination above all things, and it continues to be a profound inspiration well into my sixth decade.

Community is a word that is much more powerful, relevant and accurate than the word “genre” because music ultimately is about people first and foremost, and modern musicians today are fluent in many styles, many genres, many musics.

Please enjoy this two-day celebration of 21st century creativity, featuring some of the most exciting and passionate virtuosos on the planet playing music they love with people they love.”

John Zorn

photo: Scott Irvine

Jazz Fest Sarajevo 2024

April 2, 2024

U petak četiri koncerta

November 10, 2023

Drugi dan – tri trija!

November 9, 2023