Tickets for XX1st Jazz Fest opening night sold out!

29. October, 2017

Even before the start of the festival, tickets for the first concerts to be held at Dom policije and the Sarajevo War Theater are sold out.

Tickets are sold out for opening night of XX1st Jazz Fest Sarajevo i.e. for John Zorn’s Improv Night concert, that is to be held on October 31 at the Festival Center in Dom policije as well as for the Essential Cinema concert program on November 1 at SARTR (Sarajevo Wat Theater). Both concerts are part of the Musick and Magick festival program, featuring the opus of one the most significant contemporary composers John Zorn.

The main program of this year’s international music festival Jazz Fest Sarajevo consists of a total of 21 concerts, and tickets can still be purchased for the remaining 18 concerts to be held at the venue Dom policije and another concert at SARTR.

Tickets can be purchased online at the link tickets and in the festival box office, which is opened from Monday, every day from 12.00 to 23.00.