Actor and director Mathieu Amalric at XX1st Jazz Fest Sarajevo

French artist Mathieu Amalric is a guest of XX1st Jazz Fest Sarajevo 2017, where he will present his documentary film John Zorn 2010-2017.

Best known to the audience in the memorable role in the movie Grand Budapest Hotel, as well by the extremely noted roles in the movies James Bond Quantum of Solace and Munich by Steven Spielberg playing along side Daniel Craig and the main role in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, this artist is also an extremely successful director.

Two Amalric’s films were also shown at the Festival de Cannes. His movie On Tour was premiered in 2010 when Mathieu Amalric received the best director award in Cannes. Four years later, the movie The Blue Room in which he was the main actor, director, and screenwriter, was the part of the Festival de Cannes’s contest program.

Amalric’s film about John Zorn will be shown at Dom policije on October 31 after John Zorn’s Improv Night, and as the author says, it’s not a classic movie because it has no producer or title.

“I often carry a camera when I see John, and he hates it. It all started with the TV station commissioning a portrait about John Zorn. We started recording it and soon forgot what we started. And we simply continued, for no reason!”, says French actor, screenwriter and director.

John Zorn 2010-2017 is described as an ongoing dialogue between two friends, showing the brilliant spirit of the American composer, and Sarajevo audience will have an opportunity to watch it in the presence of the author.

Individual tickets for the movie screening will not be available for sale. Concert tickets for John Zorn’s Improv Night – Benefit For A Stone, allows visitors that will attend the opening, free viewing of Amalric’s movie and tickets for festival opening night can be purchased at the link tickets.

Courtesy of Matais Corral & FIAF