Austrians are coming!

Wonderful versatility and creative energy that are almost too much for the scene, but enough for the dance floor as well – this is how music professionals describe Kompost 3, the young Austrian band the audience of XX1st Jazz Fest Sarajevo will have the opportunity to meet on November 3rd at Dom policije.

The importance of the festival also lies in the anticipation of trends and recognition of new participants in the music scene who are yet to become important names on the international scale. Four musicians who started working together in 2009 in a student apartment in the third Vienna district became one of the most interesting Austrian bands.

The first album was released seven years ago, followed by numerous performances in Europe and America, two more record releases and the current album Ballads For Melancholy Robots, which is praised by both audiences and critics. In 2014, Kompost 3 won the Bremer Jazz Prize, the German award that is awarded every two years and this year was awarded in the Groove Jazz category.

“Kompost 3 is wonderfully inventive, risky and fun,” wrote the German DrumHeads for this band whose music offers a special musical experience and a real roller-coaster of emotions – Kompost 3 is both flamboyant and lively and fiery, sometimes stunning and their music difficult can hardly be resisted.

This is the first band from Austria to perform at Jazz Fest after a long time. The ticket for Kompost 3 concert, scheduled for November 3rd at 22.30, is also valid for the concert of the Hermia-Ceccaldi-Darrifourcq Trio on the same day at 21.00, also at the venue Dom policije.

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