Jazz Fest: in the name of the Father and the Son

One of the most known South-Slavic composers, poets and singer-songwriters Arsen Dedić has left us a year ago. Jazz Fest will be paying tribute at the forthcoming festival edition with the project Matija svira Arsena.

The album of pianist Matija Dedić, recorded only two weeks after his father’s passing, consists of piano reinterpretations of Arsen’s popular classics which include film themes from Glembajevi and U registraturi but also classics like Moje nježne godine, Sve što znaš o meni or Moderato Cantabile.

Since the album’s release, Matija Dedić has been touring the region intensively, making the Matija svira Arsena repertoire a regional attraction, which will have its Sarajevo premiere at a midnight concert at this year’s Jazz Fest, on 3 November at Gradska vijećnica.

Matija has performed at the festival on multiple occasions, the first time being with the Boilers quartet at the 1st Jazz Fest Sarajevo 1997.

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