Jazzdor Strasbourg-Berlin 2012

Jazzdor Festival Strasbourg-Berlin starts today and will go on for four days, till 07 June at Berlin’s Kulturbrauerei.

This is the 6th edition of the annual festival in Germany’s capital, it is financed by the French government and for good reasons called a place where encounters and discoveries are possible.

Among European countries, France gives the most institutional support to jazz. Jazzdor Berlin creates an opportunity for young and talented artists to perform with respectable artists, promote idea exchange, and it animates collaboration between French and German musicians.

The state of France enables this way promotion of French artists and development of their artistic projects and sees this as a good export product which contributes to the development French economy.

The program was put together by festival director of Jazzdor Strasbourg, it contains 12 concerts.

Two concerts that are being expected with impatience are world premiers: the performance of German pianist Michael Wollny and French guitarist Nguyen Le and the concert of German trombonist Nils Wogram and French pianist Bojan Z.

The above mentioned artists are among most fascinating musicians of contemporary European jazz scene, except for Wollny, the Bosnian-Herzegovinian audience had to chance to see them live at past editions of the international music festival Jazz Fest Sarajevo.

There is also huge interest among audience for the new Hasse Poulsen project called “We Are All Americans”; the performance of his quartet will be followed by Denis Rouvre photographs. Below is this year’s Jazzdor Berlin full line up.

World premiere:

  • Michael Wollny / Nguyên Lê
  • Bojan Z meets Nils Wogram
  • Conservatoire de Strasbourg / Berlin Jazz Institut Sextet

Berlin premiere:

  • François Corneloup / Hélène Labarrière / Simon Goubert
  • Wanja Slavin “Lotus Eaters“ feat. Médéric Collignon
  • Louis Sclavis Atlas Trio
  • Stéphane Kerecki Trio feat. Tony Malaby

German premiere:

  • Q
  • Christophe Monniot / Bruno Chevillon / Franck Vaillant
  • Hasse Poulsen Quartet “We are all Americans“
  • Daniel Humair “New Reunion Quartet
  • Marc Ducret “Real Thing #1“

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