Ravi Coltrane: Spirit Fiction

The new album of saxophonist and composer Ravi Coltrane, Spirit Fiction, will be released on 19th June by Blue Note Records.

The first album to be released with this record label, Coltrane has recorded with two bands: a quartet with pianist Luis Perdomo, bassist Drew Gress and drummer E.J. Strickland, and with a quintet with trumpeter Ralph Alessi, pianist Geri Allen, bassist James Genus and drummer Eric Harland.

Saxophonist Joe Lovano, a fellow Blue Note musician, coproduced the album alongside Coltrane. “I produced all my albums, except the first, Moving Pictures, that was produced by Steve Coleman”, Coltrane explained.

The album features 11 compositions, six of which are Ravi Coltrane’s originals. Geri Allen wrote three compositions, and the other two are Paul Motian‘s Fantasm played by Coltrane, Allen and Lovano, and Ornette Coleman‘s Check Out Time played with the quintet joined by Joe Lovano.

Ravi Coltrane launches today, 29th May, his promotional tour of the new album with a concert at New York’s Birdland. Many concerts are planed across America and Europe till end of the year. He performed in Sarajevo in 2004 with his group at the 8th edition of the Jazz Fest.

Track list:

  1. Roads Cross (Ravi Coltrane) 5:04
  2. Klepto (Ralph Alessi) 7:30
  3. Sprit Fiction (Ravi Coltrane) 2:28
  4. the change, my girl (Ravi Coltrane) 6:46
  5. Who Wants Ice Cream (Ralph Alessi) 6:32
  6. Spring & Hudson (Ravi Coltrane) 2:21
  7. Cross Roads (Ravi Coltrane) 4:03
  8. Yellow Cat (Ralph Alessi) 6:50
  9. Check Out Time (Ornette Coleman) 7:26
  10. Fantasm (Paul Motian) 4:08
  11. Marilyn & Tammy (Ravi Coltrane) 5:42
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