Renaud Garcia-Fons Solo

Renaud Garcia-Fons is about to release his new CD/DVD simply called “Solo” for ENJA Records. Material is recorded in September in Marcevol (France) on two consecutive concerts.

Driven by new ideas and the talent to translate them into compositions, he virtually reinvented the way the instrument could be played. The result: an altogether new sound an amalgam of double bass, cello, violin, guitar, lute, oud, and more that exceeds any conventional idea of playing the double bass.

Renaud Garcia-Fons will play Solo all over the world this spring (Germany, Spain, Turkey, USA and Australia) and of course France.

Track list:

  1. Palermo Notturno  06:25
  2. Hacía Compostela  06:08
  3. Kalimbass 05:53
  4. Marcevol  06:23
  5. Bajo De Guía 06:40
  6. Voyage À Jeyhounabad 05:54
  7. Yupanqui  04:49
  8. Kurdish Mood  03:01
  9. Pilgrim  04:09
  10. Rock Wandering  03:01
  11. Far Ballad 03:42

This virtuoso double bass player performed at Jazz Fest Sarajevo at several occasions, presenting own or collaborative projects.

Photo: Jazz Fest Sarajevo (by Amer Kapetanović)

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