Introducing: Cheikh Lo

15th Jazz Fest Sarajevo will present on 5th of November at the Bosnian Cultural Center
Senegalese artist Cheikh Lo  and his band consisting of musicians from Senegal, Benin and Uruguay.

Open to different genres and local music traditions, this Senegalese author, does not hesitate to connect what sometimes seems to be incompatible. His expression is based on pop dance music of Senegal, and Lo upgrades it with sound fragments from other cultures, like the rumba from Kong, salsa from Cuba, Afro-Cuban rumba, American jazz, and everything else that he has found interesting and good.

His musical beginnings go back  to the 1976 when he joined the local village band. In the early 80s he moved to the capital Dakar, and soon became seeked percussionists on the local scene. However, in 1985. he emigrated to France, bought a guitar and started writing his own songs.

Cheikh Lo during 1990s released four studio albums, and published his debut record with the help of then much better known Senegalese Youssou N’Dour. Edition under the title Ne La Thiass  was a turning point in his career after which many honors and awards followed.

Lo’s  last album Jamm – “Peace” from 2010. manages to make the listener happy, but also to create sadness but nevertheless brings something out of ordinary to the listener.

As a member of a mystical brotherhood Murid, Lo follows the words of its founder Cheikh Amadu Bamba, who said: “Pray to God as if you were to die tomorrow, and work like you will never die.” One could say that Cheikh Lo plays and sings exactly in line with the message of these thoughts – dedicated and with all his heart.

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