Travels with Manfred Eicher

The documentary, entitled Sounds and Silence: Travels With Manfred Eicher, is a recently announced  film of the famous producer and founder of ECM Records that shows him in his life’s journeys, and those through the world of music, in collaboration with numerous artists with whom he met in his career, from Arvo Pärt, Jan Garbarek over to Anouar Brahem.

Movie is created by Peter Guyer and Norbert Wiedmer, and its New York premiere took place on 12th September this year in front of about two hundred loyal fans and prominent musicians.

Sound And Silence begins with a scene in which Eicher is sitting in his living room, and in silence listens to Keith Jarrett playing the solo on”Reading of Sacred Books”from the Sacred Hymns of GI Gurdjieff (ECM). That is, the only reference concerning Jarrett, the most famous and best-selling artist for ECM in the whole movie. However, it is a good beginning of a story about life built primarily on listening and openness to new.

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