Six European premieres of Julian Lage

The prodigy about whom a documentary was made when he was only 8 years old, and who was performing at the Grammy Awards when he was just 12, at 31 years of age is one of the more prominent musicians of his generation and a guitarist of fascinating techniques and talent who has almost 30 albums and three Grammy nominations for the best album.

Julian Lage has already released three albums this year, and last year’s album Mount Royal, recorded with Chris Eldridge, won the Grammy nomination and Independent Music Award for the best instrumental album of the year.

This guitarist is not unknown to the festival audience, and international music critics have written about his performances on Jazz Fest Sarajevo, and the audience of this year’s festival will testify about his extraordinary talent and skill at the various performances that Julian Lage will have at the XX2nd Jazz Fest Sarajevo – total of six European premieres.

On the second of November at the opening of XX2nd Jazz Fest, he will perform in the Insurrection quartet, and then he will be featured in the guitar trio with Gyan Riley and Bill Frisell, performing the still unrecorded repertoire of Nove Cantici per Francesco d’Assisi. He will also perform in the quartet of singer Petra Haden and as a member of the Cobra concept.

As the Bagatelles Marathon program had its premiere two years ago in Sarajevo, “MASADA Day” will be held on November 3 consisting of 11 concerts including The Book of Angels Special and the European premier of The Book Beriah Marathon.

Angels Quarter will have their premiere as a part of the first program in Sarajevo War Theatre, the quarter that consists of, in addition to Julian Lage, John Zorn, bassist Jorge Roeder and drummer Kenny Wollesen, while as a part of the Marathon – Lage will perform in duet with guitarist Gyan Riley at Dom policije.

You can purchase tickets for all festival programs on the ticket link. Ticket passes are still available for purchase in the next few days.

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