From Venice Art Biennale to Jazz Fest

At Venice Art Biennale until 22 November, on display will be an installation of American pianist Jason Moran who is going to introduce his current musical project Fats Waller Dance Party on 04 November at the Jazz Fest.

The installation named Staged, is a three dimensional reconstruction of architectural elements from prominent New York jazz clubs Savoy Ballroom and Three Deuces, which used to be “home” to historically significant jazz artists. Moran’s exhibit and Stainway Spirio offer audiences jazz performances that evoke the best days of the aforementioned clubs, while exploring the tempo of singing at different locations – jails, fields, houses etc, in the span of 57 to 190 bpm (beats per minute).

“I have often thought about how music, especially jazz, functions in rooms and how entertainment can serve as work, especially for African American jazz musicians. The relationship of jazz to the work song, songs that slaves once sang, spurred my own exploration of how this music was used in different environments”, said Moran while explaining his work shown at the Biennale in Venice.

You can watch more about his installation in a short documentary. Tickets for Jason Moran’s concert in Sarajevo can be bought or reserved at this link where 10KM per ticket can be saved until 14 September.