Miša Blam Passed Away

Double bassist, composer, author and professor Mihajlo Miša Blam died today in Belgrade at age 67.

He once said, “it is not possible to live from jazz, but it is possible to live for jazz”, and it seems that it describes his his entire engagement on the music scene in one sentence.

He was born on 15 December 1947. Three original projects Miša Blam i oni koji vole Funky, Sećanja and Good Old YU Days and 40 albums he collaborated on are left behind.

He also performed on international festivals and played with musicians among whom were Clark Terry, Ernie Wilkins, Ed Harris, Clifford Jordan, Duško Gojković, Tony Scott and many more. Founder of a jazz class at music school Stanković and a private jazz museum count to his heritage as well.

Asked once in an interview how he imagines perfect luck he said: “I always thought that perfect luck means to poses things I could never have, but it doesn’t. I realised long time ago that I am a very lucky person: I had a successful career, traveled the whole world, and successfully managed to get divorced five times. Because of all that I can not say that I am not lucky.”