150 applications submitted so far

In the first application cycle for the educative program Music Meeting that will be organized by the Jazz Fest and held between 5 and 10 November in Sarajevo, more 150 applications have been submitted by young musicians and music students from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the whole region.

The application process for the program was announced in two cycles, but due to big interest in the Music Meeting, we have decided to make continuous application possible until 20 September on this link.

This way we want to secure that all interested applicants get the chance to apply for the free program with covered costs of their stay in Sarajevo, and that the selection process includes top quality attendants.

We would for musicians who play different instruments, have different music education and experience to form a big complementary group since one of Music Meeting’s goals is that musicians build connections that will ease their regional professional engagement. It is important for young musicians to meet and collaborate with colleagues not only from their milieu but from the region and broader region.

The first edition of Music Meeting took place last November gathering 60 young artists in Sarajevo. With the help of Norwegian Embassy in Sarajevo, this year Jazz Fest will host 80 youngsters from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia. The successful realization of last year’s program consisting of 35 activities during 6 days made this Jazz Fest project recognizable and attractive in the broader region.

Young people from other European countries showed interest in this year’s Music Meeting as well, so we decided to expand the program for 10 more applicants from European Union countries other then Croatia and Slovenia. With the help of partners we hope that we will be able to make the regional educative program Music Meeting a pan-European project next year.